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Serving Fairfield and New Haven Counties

Editor & Publisher:  Joan Bielizna

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  DG Shaukat's Newsletter  June 2018  
  DG Shaukat's Newsletter May 2018  
  DG Shaukat's Newsletter April 2018  
  DG Shaukat's Newsletter March 2018  
  A Letter from Zone 2 Chairperson, Kim - MidWinter   
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  Lions International Relations September 2017  
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  THE STARFISH - April 2016  
  Clubs in the News - Meriden -  11/19/15  
  Clubs in the News - New Fairfield  - 11/18/15  
  The Gift of Vision - Hamden  - 10/06/15 t        
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  IVP Campaign 2015 X
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  Sandy Hook, Newtown Assistance  
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  MD23 Council Chair final May 2012  
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  Lions Diabetes Awareness News. 2010  
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Guide lines for submitting articles to District Pride

If you would like an event covered by an article in this publication, please submit it as an attached WORD or PUBLISHER document to Joan Bielizna joanrealtor@snet.net . Please make sure that you include DP 23A in the subject or reference area of the e-mail. All photos should be in jpg format and submitted as individual attachments. Please name or title the photos. If any text goes with the photos, please put it in Word format as stated above. Reference the photo name, title, number, etc. in the description/caption. Any questions, please contact the Editor of the District Pride for 2010-2011

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