Designed for New, Existing and Priority Designated Clubs

The Guiding Lion Program is designed to assist clubs that are newly chartered, established or determined as priority designation. Guiding Lions are assigned for a two-year term by the district governor in consultation with the sponsoring or established club president. Guiding Lions are limited to serving no more than two new clubs at any point in time.

Guiding Lions assist a club to:

  • Be successful in its first two years of operation
  • Orient and train club officers and members
  • Motivate and support club growth and development
  • Locate resources available to assist the club

District 23-A Certified Guiding Lions 2020-21

Lion Home Club Certification Expiration
Lori-Ann Beninson, VDG New Fairfield  09/11/2020
William Manthey, PDG Cheshire  09/27/2020
Joan Bennett, PDG New Haven  10/12/2020
James Bennett, PCC New Haven  10/25/2020
Carol Goldberg Bethany  03/04/2021
Janet Brunwin Bethany  03/04/2021
Shaukat Khan,PDG Bethany  03/04/2021
Susan Hurlburt Bethany  03/04/2021
Ernest Harrington Danbury  03/04/2021
David Howe Fairfield  03/04/2021
Kenneth Post Meriden  03/04/2021
Alan Sturtz, DG North Haven  03/04/2021
Kimberley Cunningham Ridgefield  03/04/2021
Colleen Lieder Seymour  03/04/2021
Jovanii Ortiz Seymour  03/04/2021
Melissa Smith Seymour  03/04/2021
Pam Mainiero South Meriden  03/04/2021
Lyn Meyers, PDG Danbury  05/15/2021
Kathy Patterson, PDG Milford  05/15/2021
Joyce Wruck Cheshire  01/27/2023