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Hearing Aid Bank

District 23-A’s Speech and Hearing Mission

Dear Lion Clubs:

We are seeking used hearing aids to be refurbished so that we may pass them onto applicants who qualify through District 23 A’s  Speech and Hearing Program.

If you should come across any donated hearing aids, please send them to:

Yale Balance Center
Attn: Tashuala Cuttino
800 Howard Avenue 4th floor
New Haven, CT 06519

Please mark the envelope “Lion’s Donation” so our program will get the credit for anything we donate to the center. The Center will put these hearing aids aside to use on our patients that we refer there.

If you receive Hearing Aid Assistance applications from residents within your community, you should review them and if you feel they are in financial need mail them to:

Lion Marianne Russo-Arrigone
1459 Dunbar Hill Road
Hamden, CT 06514

Please remember we ask that your Lion’s Club helps defer the cost of the refurbished hearing aids and donates (if possible) a $250.00 check with the application. And the patient (if possible) should also contribute a $50.00 check towards the purchase.

If you should have any questions, you may contact.

Lion Marianne Russo-Arrigone
Chairperson for District 23A Speech and Hearing Program
Cell: 203-980-5403
Home: 203-248-2040

Click HERE to get  PDF copy of this document.